Welcome to The Geek Factory!

The Geek Factory, (1998-) was originally a PR firm built by Peter Shankman to handle the massive groundswell that erupted from the commercialization of the Internet. Launched in 1998 from Peter's apartment with one cat and one computer it grew to become one of the most well-known tech and dot-com PR firms in the country by 2001. It was so well-known, in fact, that in mid 2001, the clients and staff of Geek Factory were acquired by a larger firm, while Peter kept the naming rights.

Over time, The Geek Factory continued to help and advise clients around the world, but no longer just in PR. The Geek Factory and Peter Shankman have consulted for clients ranging from American Express to Disney, New Frontier Media to the Lutheran Church. We've planned massive launch parties, thrown hundreds of reporters out of airplanes, and even wrote a book on how to craft the perfect publicity stunt.

What is The Geek Factory today? Well, it's sort of a holding company. Within the Geek Factory walls lives Help A Reporter Out, the largest free source repository for journalists anywhere in the world, where anyone can sign up to be a source on any topic and get quoted in major media, and Shankman.com, Peter Shankman's personal blog that comments on (and sometimes even generates) industry news and commentary.

Essentially, Geek Factory is just another way to reach Peter Shankman. Try clicking some of the links below and see what you find. And thanks for stopping by. Have a mint!

By the way - Yes, we have an award-winning blog at Shankman.com!